Privacy Policy in Plain English

In accordance with the GDPR Data Protection Act of 2018 we only use information collected about our customers as they elect. We do not share any information with third-part sources outside of your consent.  

Our policies may change from time to time, therefore, its is suggested that you check back periodically in order to verify your continual consent and agreement with Saucha.

Any questions or concerns over any issue involving customer privacy should be addressed to or Saucha, Flat 1, 152 Clarence Rd, London, E5 8DY, U.K. 

How and what information is collected by Saucha?

Any customer purchasing goods online from Saucha will have their emails added to the database used for periodical newsletters, which can also be opted-in to through the website. You have the choice to log-in to your account and de-activate this preference at any time.

Your name and address for delivery requirements are also stored, but under no circumstances are your bank details. These are securely handled by professional third party, in this case Square. They are an extremely reliable provider with a heavily encrypted database and government approved firewalls. 

What is this information used for?

Some information is necessary in order to successfully dispatch and track customer orders, process refunds and deal with returns.  We also send out occasional newsletters featuring special offers and promotions. These may be unsubscribed from directly through the email or by altering your account-settings. 

Use of cookies 

Suacha uses cookies to make customer usage if the website easier to manage. If, however, you wish to disable this preference, you can do so in your browser (see: You can also opt-out of being tracked by google analytics here:

External links and sources

Saucha is not responsible for the privacy policy of other websites linking traffic therein, or those directed to by Saucha promotional material such as newsletters and blog-posts. Neither can we take responsibility for any information stored or transferred through servers operating outside the EU and hence not subject to EU data regulation laws. For customers 16 or under we advise that you gain adult consent before providing personal details  to Saucha.

This privacy policy was last updated in September 2018 and is under regular review.